Admission for May intake is on going.

 Kindly visit the registrar's office at the College Building, 1st floor daily from Monday to  Friday starting at 8.00am to 5.00pm and you will be assisted or visit the College web site; and download the admission letter, fill it as required, then submit as you report for the term. There is a link on the website, follow it for online admission.


 COURSES offered in the College includes but not limited to;

1. Electrical and Electronic Engineering  ( Diploma & Craft certificate), Electrical Installation (Artisan)

2. Civil Engineering, Building Construction (diploma), Plumbing_ Artisan and Craft Cert, Masonry (Artisan & Craft cert)

3. Agriculture ( Craft & Diploma)

4. Information, communication, Technology (Diploma & Craft)

5. Secretarial Studies (single & group)

6. Hair & beauty Therapy (Artisan)

7. Social work and Community Development (Diploma)

8. Competency Based Education & Training (CBET) courses:

i. Electrical installation Level 3,

ii. Masonry  Level 3

 iii. Office Assistant level 4 

iv. Horticultural Nursery Management Level 3



1. State of Art equipment for Electrical & Electronic Engineering

2. Well qualified  trainers 

 3. Conducive learning environment- No culture shock

4. Cheap accommodation within the vicinity of the College

5. Plenty of food available and very cheap, just to mention afew




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     To apply online click on the link below: